"Jenny and the entire Blushing Beauty team are wonderful! They are so versatile in their styling; whether a bride wants a natural style or glam look, I know Jenny and her team will deliver. Beauty trends change quickly and Blushing Beauty is so  diligent about staying up with trends and trying new things. They can do the most classic updo and nail it with trends like messy braids. 

As a wedding planner, it's so important to me that we stick to the timeline. Hair and makeup is how the wedding day starts, which means that it can easily be the reason why the rest of the day runs late. Jenny's crew is fantastic at staying on time and often finishes early. I never worry about timing when Blushing Beauty is managing the hair and makeup and that is an incredible weight off my shoulders! From their professionalism to artistry, I know my brides and their girls are in good hands with Blushing Beauty."

- Vanessa Vierra from VANESSA NOEL EVENTS

"As a film photographers, it is often hard to find a makeup artist that understands how different formats can change the way something will look on camera. Jenny and her team have the skills that go well beyond being able to adapt to a bride’s vision, but also how and where it will be captured. The hair styles they create are also astounding and can either enhance your vision or help shape that look you have been dreaming of. The creativity that is involved with putting together a look, not only creates a perfect picture, but one that ties into the event and details that it was creates for. 

Aside from being able to have such a wonderful creative to your day, Blushing Beauty has people that are just an absolute joy to be around. This is unbelievably important, but often underestimated, because hair and makeup is what you are starting your day with. When someone does not come out of a makeup chair happy, it flows to the rest of the day. That is never a worry when Blushing Beauty is around, as they genuinely care for their clients, and have so much fun with them that you feel gorgeous, and be ecstatic to start your special day."

- Ashleigh + Erik Photography

Working with the lovely and talented Jenny Almazan and team at Blushing Beauty is a breath of fresh air. They are the number one referral I send to my clients when they are looking for someone for wedding day hair and makeup, and they never disappoint. Their artistry is unparalleled and it’s obvious that they are passionate about what they do. I love every chance I get to work with Jenny and her team; their work is excellent and they are radiant with positive, joyful energy. Jenny is also the one I call on whenever I need a hair stylist or makeup artist myself, and I even coaxed her to travel across state lines to ensure my best friend would have the VERY BEST for her wedding in Phoenix. I don’t trust anyone else the way I trust Blushing Beauty, and I can’t recommend them strongly enough!

- Anna Delores Photography

I've been working alongside Jenny for wedding and boudoir shoots for a few years now. As a photographer, she is my go-to makeup artist and hair stylist! Not only does she understand the client's vision, but she is just the most fun person to be around. On your wedding (or any other special occasion!), it's important to hire people you enjoy being around. Jenny fits right in with the exciting and upbeat feel of a wedding day! 

She's also built a team of amazing women ~ I've personally worked with Kayley and Vanessa as well, who are equally talented and the sweetest girls. I LOVE Blushing Beauty, and they will always be my first choice for hair and makeup.

 - Katie Doherty of La Rousse Photography