At Blushing Beauty, we feel honored to spread joy, happiness, and beauty wherever we go. We believe that the experience of hair and makeup is more than just what you see on the surface. It is our desire to truly connect with our clients, get to know who they are, and provide beauty services that will make them feel pretty but, more importantly, make them feel like their best selves.

On wedding days, we take pride in our ability to produce the best work in the biz while offering a chill, no-sweat environment for our brides and their loved ones. Even though we get to spend most of the morning with our bridal parties, the time passes in a flash because we believe that the process of getting ready should be fun and relaxing. Whether you want your wedding morning to feel like a spa or a dance party, the Blushing Beauty team will fit right in.

Jenny, the founder and badass Bosslady of Blushing Beauty, has carefully chosen the members of our team to ensure the highest level of talent and consistency. It is our top priority that every woman is happy with their hair and makeup and that all members of the bridal party look and feel their best. From the most natural looks to full-on glam, our team can do it all and stick to a schedule. It is our consistency, wide range of talent, and cool composure that keeps our clients over the moon and coming back for more.